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  • Prof. Andrew E. Busch, Ph.D.

    Economic and Social Conservatives: Friends or Foes?

    In this course, you will explore the distinctive features of economic and social conservatism before exploring the fascinating relationship between the two. You will start with the historical and theoretical background of economic conservatism in the 1930s, encountering such figures as Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman, before moving into the 1970s and beyond. You will then consider the ways economic and social conservatism both reinforce each other and are sometimes in tension with each other.

  • Professor Dan Monroe, Ph.D.

    Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War

    Abraham Lincoln was arguably the greatest American president. Under the guidance of Prof. Dan Monroe, you can take a deeper look at his powerful presidency and the war that shook America 150 years ago in this insightful course. After meeting the young Lincoln and examining his colorful legal adventures and improbably ascendency to the U.S. presidency, you will gain an historian’s insight into the causes of the Civil War in this 12-lecture audio or video course.

  • Professor Gregory L. Schneider, Ph.D.

    Principles and Politics: The History of American Conservatism

    To understand American conservatism today, you must grasp its fascinating history. Now, you are invited to journey through 100 years of American conservative history in this 12-lecture audio and video course. You will explore the greatest figures of conservatism, such as William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan. This is an essential course for all those seeking to gain a fuller understanding of conservatism and American political history.

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